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http://www.appladesign.net/domains/create//documents/33_654.jpgTitle:   Ignore Everybody: and 39 Other Keys to Creativity

Author(s):      Hugh MacLeod

Published:     2009

Description:When Hugh MacLeod was a struggling young copywriter living in a YMCA, he started to doodle on the backs of business cards while sitting at a bar. Those cartoons eventually led to a popular blog-gapingvoid.com-and a reputation for pithy insight and humor, in both words and pictures.MacLeod has opinions on everything from marketing to the meaning of life, but one of his main subjects is creativity. How do new ideas emerge in a cynical, risk-averse world? Where does inspiration come from? What does it take to make a living as a creative person?Ignore Everybody expands on MacLeod's sharpest insights, wittiest cartoons, and most useful advice. For example:-Selling out is harder than it looks. Diluting your product to make it more commercial will just make people like it less.-If your plan depends on you suddenly being "discovered" by some big shot, your plan will probably fail. Nobody suddenly discovers anything. Things are made slowly and in pain.-Don't try to stand out from the crowd; avoid crowds altogether. There's no point trying to do the same thing as 250,000 other young hopefuls, waiting for a miracle. All existing business models are wrong. Find a new one.-The idea doesn't have to be big. It just has to be yours. The sovereignty you have over your work will inspire far more people than the actual content ever will.After learning MacLeod's forty keys to creativity, you will be ready to unlock your own brilliance and unleash it on the world.


http://www.appladesign.net/domains/create//documents/8_653.jpgTitle:   Instant Brainstorming

Author(s):      Brian Clegg

Published:     2006

Description:   Instant Brainstorming provides a step-by-step guide to making the most out of a technique that so many misuse - brainstorming. All too many people try to brainstorm without understanding the process. Alex Osborn, who devised the technique, never intended a group of people to just sit down and shout out ideas - Instant Brainstorming explains why brainstorming often goes wrong, and how to make it effective .It gives guidance on facilitating the session, and provides seven quick, clear steps to provide effective brainstorms.


http://www.appladesign.net/domains/create//documents/9_655.jpgTitle:   Instant Creativity

Author(s):      Brian Clegg

Published:     2007

Description:   Instant Creativity is one of the Instant Series of books by Brian Clegg. As with several of the other books in the series it's coauthored by Paul Birch. This book is a wonderful goldmine of different creativity techniques / exercises. It is not an academic book, but a practical guide that makes you feel you have instantly delved into the years of experience of the authors. Talking Pictures is an example of one of the techniques from the book. The book offers over 70 simple, proven techniques that will help you to find fresh ideas and solutions, whether you are stuck in the early stages of idea generation or faced with too many ideas and need to refine and filter them.

Another great part of the book, is the "Selector" which has the techniques ranked in many different ways;

  • How long they take
  • How much Expertise / training you need
  • Stage (e.g. Idea Generation)
  • How much fun they are.


http://www.appladesign.net/domains/create//documents/14_656.jpgTitle:   Imagination Engineering

Author(s):      Paul Birch & Brian Clegg

Published:     2000

Description:   Imagination Engineering develops the theme of unleashing your personal creativity for business - or life. This is a medium length business book with a difference - it's designed to be enjoyable to read. Watch out for an innovative format, lots of marginalia, surprising ways to kick-start your creative thinking and a strong linking metaphor to help with the business of innovation stimulation. Imagination Engineering - a roadmap from here to there for those times when you don't know where there is.


http://www.appladesign.net/domains/create//documents/21_657.jpgTitle:   Innovation, Inc. : unlocking creativity in the workplace

Author(s):      Stephen R. Grossman, Bruce E. Rodgers, Beverly R. Plano Moore

Published:     1988

Description:   Unlock your hidden potential to reach a new plane of creative thinking. This comprehensive how-to guide will stimulate the creativity intrinsic to everyone. Seek out new avenues of problem solving by elevating your ability to conceive ideas.


http://www.appladesign.net/domains/create//documents/25_658.jpgTitle:   Inspiring Creativity: An Anthology of Powerful Insights and Practical Ideas to Guide You to Successful Creating

Author(s):      Rick Benzel

Published:     2005

Description:   Inspiring Creativity is an articulate anthology of 22 diverse essays about the critical stumbling blocks that creators of all kinds commonly struggle through in their creative process. The book helps artists, writers, performers, musicians and all creative souls achieve greater self-confidence and productivity in their creative work. The book is divided into six Parts that show the reader a clear creative path.


http://www.appladesign.net/domains/create//documents/53_659.jpgTitle:   Juicing the Orange: How to Turn Creativity into a Powerful Business Advantage

Author(s):      Pat Fallon, Fred Senn

Published:     2006

Description:Too many companies think creativity means throwing money into marketing efforts and giving lip service to "out of the box" thinking. But such efforts rarely have a positive impact on the bottom line. Pat Fallon and Fred Senn argue that leaders have more creativity within their organizations than they realize—but they inadvertently stifle it or channel it in ineffective ways. Juicing the Orange outlines a disciplined approach to building creativity actively into the organizational culture and leveraging that creativity into campaigns that deliver measurable results. Drawing from 25 years of successful marketing and acclaimed, award-winning work, the authors show that bankable, creative ideas come from zeroing in on the one key business problem that must be solved and then rigorously unearthing insights that will lead to a spectacular solution. Behind-the-scenes stories of successful and failed campaigns for companies in diverse industries reveal the core secrets of training for creativity: develop a proprietary brand emotion, offer big ideas without a big budget, and get customers to seek out your message. Illustrating the link between creativity and profits, Juicing the Orange helps industry players measure their success at the cash register.


http://www.appladesign.net/domains/create//documents/54_660.JPGTitle:   Managing Creativity and Innovation

Author(s):      Harvard Business Essentials

Published:     2003

Description: Packed with practical information designed for business readers and managers at all levels, this essential volume offers insights on managing creativity in groups, developing creative conflict, and using technology to help foster innovation.


Thttp://www.appladesign.net/domains/create//documents/59_662.JPGitle:   Managing Creativity and Innovation in the Workplace Super Series, Fifth Edition

Author(s):Institute of Leadership & Mana          

Published:     2007

Description:Super series are a set of workbooks to accompany the flexible learning programme specifically designed and developed by the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) to support their Level 3 Certificate in First Line Management. The learning content is also closely aligned to the Level 3 S/NVQ in Management. The series consists of 35 workbooks. Each book will map on to a course unit (35 books/units).


http://www.appladesign.net/domains/create//documents/48_661.jpgTitle:   Managing Creativity: The Dynamics of Work and Organization

Author(s):      Howard Davis (Author), Richard Scase

Published:     2001

Description:The creative industries are a growing economic as well as cultural force. This book investigates their organizational dynamics and shows how companies structure their work processes to incorporate creative employees' needs for autonomy while at the same time controlling and coordinating their output. Research in television and radio broadcasting, publishing, advertising, the recorded music industry and the performing arts is used to show the variety of ways in which organizations respond to the creative imperative. The authors help to answer a larger question which has been neglected in theories of management and organizational behaviour, namely: what should replace the management principles and practices inherited from industrial society in the types of organization which predominate in post-industrial society? The arguments and evidence are made accessible to a multidisciplinary audience of students and researchers with an interest in the study of organizations as well as to managers in the creative industries.


http://www.appladesign.net/domains/create//documents/37_663.jpgTitle:   Making Ideas Happen: Overcoming the Obstacles Between Vision and Reality

Author(s):      Scott Belsky

Published:     2010

Description:Thomas Edison famously said that genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration. Every day new solutions, revolutionary cures, and artistic breakthroughs are conceived and squandered by smart people. Along with the gift of creativity come the obstacles to making ideas happen: lack of organisation, lack of accountability and a lack of community support.

Scott Belsky has interviewsed hundreds of the most productive creative people and teams in the world, revealing one common trait: a carefully trained capacity for executing ideas. Implementing your ideas is a skill that can be taught, and Belshy distills the core principles in this book.

While many of us obsess about discovering great new ideas, Belsky shows why it is better to develop the capacity to make ideas happen - using old-fashioned passion and perspiration. Making Ideas Happen reveals the practical yet counterintuitive techniques of 'serial creatives' - those few who make their visions a reality.


http://www.appladesign.net/domains/create//documents/50_665.jpgTitle:   Modern Management: Concepts and Skills (12th Edition)

Author(s):      Samuel C. Certo, Trevis Certo

Published:     2011

Description: Core concepts, cutting-edge skill training: transform students into managers. Modern Management is a traditionally organized principles of management text that integrates core concepts with cutting-edge skill training–all while keeping the focus on application. This edition provides the latest concepts and empirical research as well as the most recent examples of management in today’s business world.

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