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http://www.appladesign.net/domains/create//documents/41_666.jpgTitle:   99% Inspiration: Tips, Tales, and Techniques for Liberating Your Business Creativity

Author(s):      Bryan W. Mattimore

Published:     1993

Description:   Supplying a range of tips, techniques and tales to help business people tap hidden creative strengths, this book enables readers to creatively solve a wide range of workplace issues by explaining how to: understand the creative process; become aware of their own creative abilities; use the creative techniques of such geniuses as Walt Disney, Albert Einstein and Leonardo Da Vinci; apply creative techniques to workplace issues; and facilitate creative or "brainstorming" sessions.


http://www.appladesign.net/domains/create//documents/55_667.jpgTitle:   Nonstop Creativity and Innovation: How to Generate Winning Ideas

Author(s):      Fiona McLeod, Richard Thomson

Published:     2001

Description: In today's economy, being innovative is the best way to keep ahead of the game. "Non-Stop Creativity and Innovation" is a lively, easy-to-use guide to unlocking your creative potential, thinking 'out of the box' and making new ideas really happen. By using a unique, tried and tested model, the Uccello Process, you will be able to draw on your creative strengths to generate fresh, winning ideas. Whether you are looking to develop your individual, team or company's creativity this book shows you how to experiment with your thinking, how to combine information to produce truly original ideas, and ultimately how to implement them successfully. Packed full of helpful tips and techniques, it will prove invaluable at every stage of a project.


http://www.appladesign.net/domains/create//documents/10_668.jpgTitle:   Organising a Murder

Author(s):      Brian Clegg


Description:   "Organizing a Murder" contains twelve mysteries, each designed to provide absorbing group entertainment. Whether you are having a party, running a youth club, or looking for an exercise to build up teams at work, the format is flexible enough to work in any location, and the subjects will appeal to anyone who likes a challenge. Despite the title, the mysteries do not all involve a murder, but each provides an intriguing plot for the players to solve.

So what has this got to do with creativity? Because having fun, with the mind being stretched in a creative, problem solving way is a great way to:

  • Exercise the brain,
  • Help team building,
  • As an excursion during a long / challenging problem solving exercise


http://www.appladesign.net/domains/create//documents/11_669.jpgTitle:   Personal Brilliance

Author(s):      Jim Canterucci


Description:   Personal Brilliance is a book that shows how anyone can create and enjoy spectacular success! Personal Brilliance helps you maximize your Awareness, Curiosity, Focus, and Initiative. These four traits we all have can be the catalysts for achieving your best. The secret is in consistently applying these four "habits of mind." This dynamic book features:

  • Easy, fun practices and processes proven to nurture the four habits
  • Inspiring stories of people who have dramatically improved their lives and made significant differences in their communities, homes, and businesses
  • Proven ways to break through the barriers that stop you from being and achieving your personal best in all areas of your life
  • Access to the online Personal Brilliance Quotient and customized online exercises and learning tools through the robust Personal Brilliance online community.


http://www.appladesign.net/domains/create//documents/12_670.jpgTitle:   Planning Under Pressure: The Strategic Choice Approach

Author(s):      John Friend, Allen Hickling

Published:     1997

Description:   Planning Under Pressure' offers a versatile and practical set of planning methods for collaborative decision making, which is ideally suited for reaching decisions in conditions of uncertainty. This approach is equally valid for planning and development decisions in local government and strategic business planning. When 'Planning Under Pressure' appeared in 1987, it was the first mature exposition of the Strategic Choice Approach. Since then, the approach has been gathering support among decision makers, while also becoming widely taught in management, planning and policy schools. The second edition reflects the diverse range of contexts in which the Strategic Choice Approach is now put to work: management, urban planning, public policy making, community action, and sustainable development in third world countries. New material includes a chapter on the role of software, and coverage of recent theoretical advances.


http://www.appladesign.net/domains/create//documents/61_671.jpgTitle:   Rethinking Imagination:Culture and Creativity

Author(s):      Gillian Robinson, John F. Rundell

Published:     1994

Description:   This distinguished collection of papers argues for a positive interpretation of imagination. It discusses the different ways in which the concept of the imagination has been construed. It also provides fascinating glimpses of the role of the imagination in the creation and understanding of Modernity.


http://www.appladesign.net/domains/create//documents/51NBPBAHVSL_673.jpgTitle:   Serious Creativity

Author(s):      Edward de Bono


Description:   A fundamental book on deliberate creative thinking from a world-renowned expert in the field and the inventor of the systematic process of lateral thinking.  Used correctly, creative thinking can save companies millions of dollars as the best and cheapest way to get added value out of existing resources and assets.

There can be no doubt that creativity is the most important human resource of all. Without creativity, there would be no progress, and we would be forever repeating the same patterns.

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