"Creativity is not the finding of a thing, but the making something out of it after it is found.", James Russell Lowell

Final Conference

http://www.appladesign.net/domains/create//documents/DSC01140_737.JPGThe final conference of the project I-CREATE took place on 18th September 2013 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The conference had the purpose to present the project results - Creativity and Innovation Handbook, Audit tool and website, as well as to show the main phases of implementation of the project. Each of the partner organizations made a presentation dedicated to one of the project's results. The conference was attended by 79 people. After the morning session a practical workshop was organized – it was attended by more than half of all participants in the conference. On the practical workshop were demonstrated particular creativity techniques and the question on which participants had to reflect together by using these techniques was "How can you stimulate the creativity at your workplace?". There were vivid discussions in all working groups and very good ideas at the end.
In the beginning of the conference participants were given a folder with information about the event as well as several riddles which to challenge their creativity. At the end of the practical workshop there was an awarding ceremony. The riddles were 6 just as much as the partners
in the project. The awards for the participants who have answered correctly to one of the riddles and were selected after tombola were provided by each partner - something typical for their country. In this way the award gifts were various such as Sacher cake, typical Bulgarian
wine, album of Picasso paintings, etc.

The event was organized very professionally there was even a facilitator for the workshop as well as operator who shoot a short movie about the conference. The evaluation of the conference was very positive and participants encouraged the continuation of the project in their feedback.

Conference Agenda

Conference presentations:

1. Project Overview

2. Creativity and Innovation Handbook

3. Audit Tool

4. Web site

5. Research results

6. Pilot testing

7. Workshop Instructions

8. Answers to the Quiz

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