"I try to avoid looking forward or backward, and try to keep looking upward.", Carlotte Bronte

Project Outcomes

Find a creativity technique
New creativity technique

Self-audit Concept

The creativity questionnaire is proposed as a general model for the implementation of a creativity audit process. It should be kept in mind that a Creativity Audit cannot be done quickly or without difficulty. Also, to effectively finalise and customise it managers and experts have to spend some time to openly and honestly discuss all company’s important business issues, the environment it operates in, etc.
In some parts of the questionnaire, some questions must be customised so as to properly address the company’s current situation in terms of business processes, internal functional units, etc.  In addition, in some cases the audit questionnaire can be changed (self-audit concept) depending on the priority areas identified in the initial preparatory steps (planning).

A section: This section provides a good basis for further data analysis and comparisons.
B section: This section includes personality issues trying to show how each employee perceives his/her personality (creative or not).
C section: Section C is focusing on individual creativity at work. Many factors influencing creativity on an individual level are stated (motivation, reward, etc)
D  section:  Section  D  is  focused  on  factors  affecting  organisational  creativity
(strategy, communication, networks, culture, etc.)
E section: This section includes questions for leadership in order to show if leaders encourage or inhibit creativity at work.
F section: This final section is focused on team creativity and factors such as divergence, frequency and openness of communication, etc.

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