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Pilot testing in Bulgaria

http://www.appladesign.net/domains/create//documents/BG_5_464.JPGTwo workshops were conducted in Bulgaria. The first one was hosted by Vratsa Chamber of Commerce and Industry on 29-04-2013 in Vratsa and was attended by 12 participants. The second workshop took place in Sofia on 22-06-2013 and was attended by 7 participants.

Both evaluation workshops in Bulgaria were accepted very positively. Most of the participants didn’t have any preliminary experience in the topic but were very curious to learn more about it. As most of the participants were managers/directors of their own organizations they were eager to learn the opinion of other people from another economic sector about some innovative ideas they had.

On the workshops in Bulgaria the following 6 techniques were implemented:

The Brainstorming session in Vratsa was very interesting and involving for the participants as the topic discussed was “What public service is missing in Vratsa Municipality?”

At the workshop in Sofia one of the participants had the idea of developing a bio pharm in urban conditions through a complex system. What he needed were ideas how to distribute the goods to the end users. The group was very enthusiastic to think about such innovative topic and some quite good ideas came out of the Circle of Opportunity technique application.

The overall satisfaction with the content, organization and the I-Create training package was more than ‘good’. The general experience and influence received after the pilot testing carried out in Bulgaria are that the topic of the project is recognized as highly important which should be explored and adopted in practice to increase and benefit business activities of SMEs.  

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