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Pilot testing in Slovakia

Pilot testing in Slovakia

The pilot testing in Slovakia took place on 25-26th April 2013 and was attended by 28 participants.

http://www.appladesign.net/domains/create//documents/SK_1_565.JPGThe whole training was conducted in very positive atmosphere with participants motivated to learn new things. Participants were very active, interested in creative techniques, curious about how to utilize techniques for variety of problems the face at work.Participants had a great chance for networking. As most participants were HR specialist covering training and development within their company, they had opportunity to exchange experience at various levels. In addition, when presenting techniques, we have selected problems from participants´ daily work  which make them more involved and motivated them to discuss even during the breaks.

The creativity techniques demonstrated practically on the workshop in Slovakia were:

http://www.appladesign.net/domains/create//documents/SK_2_566.JPG   http://www.appladesign.net/domains/create//documents/SK_3_567.JPG

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