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Deatiled List of Journals in .pdf format

List of Journals:

  1. Journal of Product Innovation Management
  2. R&D Management
  3. Business Horizons
  4. Contemporary Educational Psychology
  5. International Journal of Human-Computer Studies
  6. Journal of Research in Personality
  7. The Leadership Quarterly
  8. Thinking Skills and Creativity
  9. Technovation
  10. Leadership & Organization Development Journal
  11. Management Development Review
  12. Group Organization Management
  13. Journal of Management
  14. Journal of Creativity and Innovation Management
  15. Work Study – Creating Innovation
  16. Human Resource Management International Digest – New catalysts for creativity
  17. Industrial and Commercial Training – Business process re-engineering and teleworking
  18. International Journal of Manpower – How Managers Express Their Creativity
  19. European Journal of Innovation Management
  20. Library Management – Chaos in the library environment
  21. Journal of Managerial Psychology
  22. Management Development Review
  23. Journal of Organizational Change Management
  24. Strategy & Leadership
  25. The TQM Magazine
  26. Prepare Your Mind for Creativity
  27. Symmetry of Ignorance, Social Creativity, and Meta-Design
  28. Skunk Works: “speciation” strategies for creativity
  29. Supporting Creativity in Problem Solving Environments
  30. Supporting Creativity in Distributed Scientific Communities
  31. Supporting Reflective Practice in Creativity Education
  32. User Interfaces for Creativity Support Tools
  33. A Trip Report on Creativity & Cognition 1999: An Insider's Report on a Far Out Conference
  34. Creativity Support Tools: A Tutorial Overview
  35. Acting to Know: Improving Creativity in the Design of Mobile Services by Using Performances
  36. Agents and Creativity
  37. Characteristics of Applications that Support Creativity
  38. How to Study Artificial Creativity
  39. Challenges and Creativity in IT Research
  40. Collaborative Creativity
  41. Compensating Creativity in the Digital World: Reconciling Technology and Culture
  42. Computational Aesthetics as a Tool for Creativity
  43. Computer Aided Creativity: Practical Experience and Theoretical Concerns
  44. The New Metaphysics and the Deep Structure of Creativity and Cognition
  45. Creativity and Expert Systems: A Divergence of Minds
  46. Creativity, cooperation and interactive design
  47. Creativity, Ethics and the Law
  48. Creativity in Action: Some implications for the design of Creativity Support Systems
  49. Creativity in the Information Technology Curriculum Proposal
  50. Creativity – Interacting with Computers
  51. Creativity in Real Time:Thought Process in an Autorship Socierty
  52. Establishing a framework of activities for creative work – Creativity Support Tools
  53. Creativity Enhancement with Emerging Technologies
  54. Distances and Diversity: Sources for Social Creativity
  55. Enhancing Creativity with (Groupware) Toolkits
  56. Facilitating Social Creativity through Collaborative Designing
  57. HCI in Support of Creativity - “Creativity and Cognition” Comes of Age: Towards a New Discipline
  58. i-LAND: An interactive Landscape for Creativity and Innovation
  59. Implications of Computer-Based Projects in Electronics on Fostering Independent Learning, Creativity and Teamwork
  60. Human Resource Management Digest
  61. Journal of Knowledge Management
  64. Journal of Management Development
  65. Benchmarking: an International Journal
  66. Journal of Business & Industria lMarketing
  67. Strategic Direction
  68. Human Resource Management
  69. Journal of Organization Behaviour
  70. The Academy of Management Journal

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