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Project outcomes

Creativity Development & Innovation Training Package for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises - I-CREATE

Project № 2011-1-BG1-LEO05-05031

Lifelong Learning Programme, Leonardo Da Vinci, Transfer of Innovation


Project outcomes

The main outputs of the I-Create project are the Creativity Development & Innovation Handbook and Audit Tool. These products will help small enterprises to develop new practices to systematically manage their potential for creativity and innovation. Managers of SMEs and other organizations will be able to identify, value, select the best means to develop, trigger and share their most valuable asset: creativity.

Despite the widespread recognition of the need of creativity and innovation in industry, practical guidance and systematic approaches to managing the creativity process are still not available in an integrated training framework. This is exactly the overall aim of the I-Create project: to transfer, adapt and develop an intergraded training package (material and methodologies) for creativity and Innovation in the working place aiming to support European small and medium-sized enterprises to benefit from this knowledge and use it in a practical manner in their everyday activities.

All materials will be available in the languages of the partners in the consortium: English, Bulgarian, Spanish, German and Slovak.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication
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